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Books on Trauma For LE


Our #1 recommended must read book- A comprehensive guide offering indispensable strategies for navigating the unique emotional challenges faced by law enforcement professionals. Dr Martin offers essential strategies to navigate emotional challenges, offering practical insights to foster resilience and maintain mental well-being for both the officer and their family.

By Dr Gilmartin

Relentless Courage.PNG

Relentless Courage" delves into Sergeant Sugrue's raw struggles with trauma and suicidal thoughts as a first responder, alongside expert insights from Dr. Springer. It offers transformative perspectives and practical guidance for healing, fostering unity between first responders and the community

By Shauna "Doc" Springer, and Michael Sugrue, Dave Grossman


Our #2 must read book-
In Unconquered, Davis bravely shares his personal experiences with abuse, failure, and mental health battles and the biblical truths that empowered him to choose faith over fear, truth over lies, and action over defeat. 

By Adam Davis

That Which Burns.PNG

That Which Burns" examines the typical career trajectory of Law Enforcement Officers, delving into the impact of trauma on mental health. By the book's conclusion, readers gain insight into their current phase, anticipate the next, and acquire tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

By Scott Silverii

Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 2.17.10 PM.png

As a 30 law-enforcement veteran law enforcement officer, Dan Willis shares practical strategies from his wealth of experience to help first responders and their families heal and stay resilient in challenging times. This empowering guide enables them to continue serving with compassion and strength.

By Dan Willis

Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 2.07.00 PM.png

The book focuses on two imperative components of law enforcement wellness: physical fitness and resiliency. Cultivating both enables personnel to mitigate the physical, mental, and emotional wear and tear that result from challenges of law enforcement.

By Kathryn Hamel PhD

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Books on Grief

Good Grief.PNG

Westberg's classic guide leads you through 10 stages of grief: shock, emotion, depression, physical distress, panic, guilt, anger, resistance, hope, and, finally, acceptance. His gentle concern and acute insight will help you follow a path through small losses and overwhelming experiences

By Granger E. Westberg
When a Child you love is Grieving.PNG
ADULT- supporting a Child through grief

Widely-recognized grief specialist Harold Ivan Smith offers practical insights and activities providing caregivers with the tools to offer caring and compassionate assistance to grieving children, ensuring they receive the necessary outlets during their time of loss.

by Harold Ivan Smith
Experiencing grief.PNG

A compassionate guide through the overwhelming journey of grief, authored by renowned family therapist H. Norman Wright. With gentle wisdom, it addresses various types of loss, reminding readers they're not alone as they navigate through the valley, offering solace and hope with every step.

by H. Norman Wright
The Memory Box.PNG

A multi-award-winning story that sensitively explores loss from a child's perspective, offering comfort and guidance through the creation of a memory box. With its heartfelt narrative and practical suggestions, it serves as a valuable resource for families, educators, and therapists, facilitating conversations about grief and remembrance in a gentle and accessible way.

by Joanna Rowland 
Beyond Tears.jpg
Loss of a Child

Nine mothers share their individual stories of how to survive in the darkest hour. They candidly share with other bereaved parents what to expect in the first year and long beyond

by Ellen Mitchell, Rita Volpe, Ariella Long, 
Phyllis Levine , Madeline Perri, Kasden, Barbara Goldstein, Barbara Eisenberg, Lorenza Colletti, Audrey Cohen, Carol Barkin 
Teen grief.PNG

Winner of the 2018 Book Excellence Award, this book offers vital insights and practical guidance for supporting teens navigating the complex challenges of loss, including death and various forms of adversity, empowering them to heal and thrive in an increasingly turbulent world.

By Gary Roe
Digital Download of Grief Books Catalog Coming Soon

Books on Marriage

40 Days to a Better Police Marriage.PNG

A transformative guide, endorsed by Chief Scott and Leah Silverii, that strengthens and fortifies police marriages, highlighting the profound impact of marital wellness on the lives and well-being of law enforcement officers.

By Scott Silverii

Because I am Suitable.PNG

Our officers are never alone! As wives on duty, we are by their side. Journey with Allison as she shares what many law enforcement couples face, and how you can find new hope!

By Allison Uribe

Bulletproof Marriage.PNG

Award Winning book offers a 90-day journey applying biblical principles to strengthen marriages of military members, law enforcement officers, and first responders, providing daily inspiration, practical tips, and prayers to navigate the unique challenges they face and cultivate a resilient and thriving relationship.

By Adam Davis

I love a cop.jpg

This go to top seller offers practical strategies and support for police families facing the unique challenges of law enforcement life, providing invaluable guidance on managing stress, fostering a healthy home environment, and addressing tough realities with frank, realistic suggestions to help families thrive even in turbulent times.

By Ellen Kirschman


Offering raw honesty, practical application, and invaluable insights from Chief Scott and Leah Silverii's own harrowing experiences, it provides guidance and support for law enforcement couples to strengthen and safeguard their marriages in the face of unique challenges, making it a game-changer.

By Chief Scott Silverii and Leah Silverii

Bullets in the washing Machine.PNG

Founder of The Police Wife Life, Melissa Littles offers a collection of short stories and poems that shed light on the daily struggles and triumphs of law enforcement families, aiming to  encourage  while raising awareness of the sacrifices and misconceptions surrounding the lives of law enforcement officers.

By Melissa Littles

Digital Download of Marriage Books Catalog Coming Soon

Books for Chaplains

Police Chaplain.PNG

practical strategies and support for police families facing the unique challenges of law enforcement life, providing invaluable guidance on managing stress, fostering a healthy home environment, and addressing tough realities with frank, realistic suggestions to help families thrive even in turbulent times.

by Mike Middlebrooks

Heart of a chaplain.PNG

Explore the diverse and dynamic realm of chaplaincy with insights from 37 contributors boasting over 900 years of combined experience, this comprehensive guide delves into the sacred calling, specialized skills, and essential resources needed for effective ministry in various secular communities

by Dr. Jim Browning & Dr. Jim Spivey

Crisis Pastorial care.PNG

A compassionate and practical guide to crisis pastoral care, drawing from 30 years of experience working with law enforcement professionals. From offering spiritual support to victims and families to navigating the complexities of grief work, this book offers invaluable insights for frontline responders, chaplains, counselors, and clergy."

by Thomas W. Shane D.Div.

The Body Keeps Score.PNG

A must read this book offers crucial insights for law enforcement chaplains dealing with traumatic stress, providing a groundbreaking understanding of trauma's impact on individuals and society, alongside innovative treatment approaches for recovery.

by Bessel van der Kolk M.D

Foundations of Chaplaincy.PNG

A vital guidance for those entering the distinctive realm of chaplaincy, exploring its unique challenges and responsibilities across diverse secular settings. It provides practical insights and real-life anecdotes to equip aspiring chaplains with the necessary skills for this dynamic form of ministry

by Alan T. Baker

Drowning for Jesus.PNG

Addressing compassion fatigue in ministry, this book provides practical advice for preventing burnout and guiding recovery, offering hope and understanding to those navigating the challenges of pastoral caregiving

by Jeff Hoppe & Kathy Hoppe

Digital Download of Marriage Books Catalog Coming Soon

Books for Spiritual Encouragement


Chaplains and Heroes firmly believe in the Bible as the ultimate instruction for daily living, offering unparalleled insight and wisdom for each day as the Word of God. Our catalog of Biblical resources is curated to supplement your daily walk with Jesus, providing additional insight into the authority of God's word through enriching studies tailored to the needs of law enforcement professionals and their families

behind the badge.jpg

This Highly recommended book offers daily spiritual nourishment for law enforcement officers, featuring personal stories, relevant Scriptures, and practical prayers to encourage and strengthen them both professionally and personally, serving as a constant reminder of their divine support as they uphold the law.

By Adam Davis
Women Bible Study.PNG

Addressing the challenges faced by law enforcement spouses, this Bible study provides practical insights and biblical guidance to navigate issues such as loneliness, fear, and fatigue, offering support for individual or group study.

by Melissa Humes
On Spiritual Comabt.PNG

Highly reccomended book that offers daily spiritual nourishment for  officers, featuring personal stories, relevant Scriptures, and practical prayers to encourage and strengthen them both professionally and personally, serving as a constant reminder of their divine support as they uphold the law.

By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman & Adam Davis
Proud Wives Devotional.PNG

Offering hope and strength to law enforcement spouses, it provides daily devotions filled with relatable stories, Scriptures, action steps, and prayers to empower and encourage those navigating the unique challenges of being married to a police officer.

by Rebecca Lynn, Forward by Allison P. Uribe
The Peace Keepers Bible.PNG

This Book offers practical guidance and spiritual support for law enforcement officers facing the unique challenges of their profession, addressing issues such as work stress, family dynamics, and spiritual purpose with real-life situations and biblical insights.

by Michael Dye
Blue Faith.PNG

This book offers law enforcement officers a concise and practical Bible study guide, exploring biblical insights relevant to their profession and providing engaging questions for individual or group study.

by Brad D. Corder
Digital Download of Spiritual Books Catalog Coming Soon
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