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The Chaplains and Heroes website was developed with a sincere dedication to serving First Responders, particularly those in law enforcement. As the spouse of a Fireman/EMT, I have developed a strong sense of compassion and empathy toward the difficulties that first responders and their loved ones encounter.

My personal mission is to offer unwavering support and guidance amidst chaotic circumstances, assisting individuals in navigating through trauma and grief toward a sense of hope and eventual healing. It is my sincere prayer that Jesus continues to reveal His transformative power in the lives of First Responders and those who stand by them.

- Chaplain Christi Hall

My Story

I am Christi Hall, the founder of Chaplains and Heroes, drawing inspiration from my small-town roots in southeast Ohio where the values of service and ministry were instilled by my grandparents and parents. Coming from a rich heritage rooted in Christian faith, my great-grandfather served as a circuit preacher, leaving a legacy of service to the church, community, and nation. With a background of over 25 years in ministry, including global disaster service and work with a Christian organization, I discovered my true calling in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. Initially lacking resources and guidance, I embarked on a journey to fill the gap, eventually founding Chaplains & Heroes. To this end, Chaplains & Heroes was created: a platform dedicated to aiding individuals and organizations looking for ways of supporting law enforcement through a Biblical Worldview. It’s a place to ask questions and get questions answered. To be inspired and inspire others. Our goal is to provide all of the necessary resources, while also connecting you with others. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for users to pose questions, gain advice, or simply benefit from inspiration from one another. Chaplains & Heroes seeks to equip individuals, Chaplains, and Churches to change lives in Law Enforcement through emotional and spiritual resources. My commitment to serving others is evident in my extensive training, including certifications in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), National Incident Management System (NIMS), and FEMA. I actively deploy with organizations like the Billy Graham RRT and Samaritan's Purse DART to provide emotional and spiritual care in disasters. Currently serving as the first female chaplain for the Franklin County Sheriff's office, I provide support to over 80 patrol deputies, 250+ corrections deputies, 25 local officers, staff, and their families. My aspiration is to inspire others, particularly women, to make a difference in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. I believe in offering hope and solace to officers facing challenges, emphasizing the impact of providing emotional well-being resources and a compassionate ear. My ministry reflects the values of faith, family, and an unbreakable connection with Christ. Through my calling, I seek to magnify God's glory and leave an enduring legacy of unwavering faith.

Training and Certifications

ICISF CISM Certifications

  • Individual and Group

  • Grief Following Trauma 

  • Individual (emphasis in Law Enforcement)

  • Spiritual & Psychological First Aid

FEMA Certificates

  • IS-00027 Orientation to FEMA Logistics

  • IS-00100 Introduction to Incident Command Systems

  • IS-00200.c Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

  • IS-00700 NIMS an Introduction

Samaritan's Purse Training

  • DART Training 

  • Concilium Comprehensive Awareness Security Training

  • Member Care (Emotional & spiritual care, trauma & crisis care)

Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement Seminar -Dr Gilmartin

• Certificate: 8 Contact Hours

Billy Graham RRT Training

  • Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Training 42 Contact hours

  • Sharing Hope in Crisis

Serving Heroes

  • Certificate: Level 1,3,4

IFOC Training

  • Licensed/Credentialed

  • 45 hour Certificate- CISM, PTSI, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Suicide, Depression, Disaster Response, Confidentiality, Ethics, and Law,


Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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