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Law Enforcement

We stand with you

To our dedicated law enforcement community, we want you to know that you are not alone. Day in and day out, you face formidable challenges that often go unnoticed by the world. The weight of your profession can be daunting, but we are here to tell you that support is within reach. It is our mission to equip and encourage you, along with your families, as you navigate the demanding path of law enforcement. There is hope and we want to help you find it, building resiliency along the way.
Chaplains and Heroes also aims to provide essential peer support through comprehensive training and valuable resources. Explore below to find out more about the resources, guidance, and unwavering support we offer to honor your commitment to service.

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Understanding the Challenges 

Discover the challenges faced
by Law Enforcement

Helping Hand


Check out the comprehesive list of resources we have on our Resources Page

Training Support

Discover resources, trainings, and networking oppertunities.


For LEO Families

Check out the resources we have for families and children of Law Enforcement

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