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October Featured Resource Books

Our aim is to provide reliable and useful resources that can assist in addressing the wide range of emotional and spiritual questions faced by law enforcement professionals, their families, local churches who support law enforcement as well as LE Chaplains. The following books have been carefully selected based on their ability to meet this criterion. We have thoroughly reviewed each book and believe that they offer practical tools for navigating these challenging areas.

In the sections below, we present a curated selection of these invaluable resources. Please note that our featured resources will evolve and expand over time as we become aware of new additions or periodically feature updates. However, for a comprehensive list of all available resources, you can access the complete collection by clicking the provided link. Explore the sections below to discover our current highlighted resources, and stay tuned for fresh additions in the future.

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Books on

Emotional Health


by Kevin M. Gilmartin

  • This book provides insights into the emotional challenges faced by law enforcement professionals and offers strategies for coping and maintaining healthy relationships with their families.

C & H insight:

  • Former law enforcement officer Adam Davis knows what it’s like to feel defeated. In Unconquered, Davis bravely shares his personal experiences with abuse, failure, and mental health battles and the biblical truths that empowered him to choose faith over fear, truth over lies, and action over defeat. Structured around ten practical principles, Unconquered will help you face your pain to live unconquered.

C & H insight:

  • Mental toughness is vital for peak performance, particularly in high-stress situations. However, there's often a gap between discussing and training mental toughness in military and law enforcement contexts. "Warrior MindSet" defines and underscores its critical role in countering performance-degrading effects from stress, offering essential psychological skills for optimal performance, success, safety, and survival.

C & H insight:

  • Reading "Warrior MindSet" is crucial for those aiming to support law enforcement because it emphasizes the indispensable role of mental toughness, a trait essential for elite human performance, especially in high-stress situations commonly encountered in law enforcement duties.



C & H insight:

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