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The "Grief Deck" is a compassionate digital download consisting of 27 cards designed to support individuals navigating the complex journey of grief. Each card features empathetic sayings tailored to address the spectrum of emotions experienced during mourning, providing validation and reassurance that one is not alone in their feelings. From profound sadness to moments of solace, these cards offer gentle guidance and understanding. The final card provides a space for the giver to personalize the support by signing their name, fostering a meaningful connection between sender and recipient. With the "Grief Deck," those grieving can find comfort and companionship in words that acknowledge and honor their unique experiences.
Printing: The cards are designed for 3.5" dimensions and include bleed marks for easy cutting. It is recommended to print them on glossy card stock and trim them with rounded corners. This can be accomplished at a large print shop or using a home printer.

Chaplains and Heroes Grief Deck

  • File Format: PDF
    File License: Single Use License - This digital download of the "Grief Deck" is intended for personal use only. It grants the purchaser the right to download and access the content for a single use, offering support and guidance through the grieving process. Redistribution or reproduction of the contents, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

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