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New Year, New Intentions: A Law Enforcement Chaplain's Reflection

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it's a common practice for many to make resolutions—those promises to ourselves about changes we want to see in our lives. The desire for positive transformation is commendable, but as a law enforcement chaplain, I'd like to guide your reflection toward a deeper, more intentional approach to the coming year.

Let's explore the concept of intentionality, rooted in the Word of God, and how it can transform our resolutions into pathways that align with His eternal purposes.

Our earthly resolutions often focus on temporary satisfaction, such as health and fitness goals. While these pursuits are good for our well-being, let's consider the intentions behind them. Are we seeking physical fitness for vanity, or are we stewarding our bodies to better serve the Lord and His kingdom?

Earthly Resolutions and Temporary Satisfaction

Taking care of our health is undeniably important, and resolutions like losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial. However, when our focus solely revolves around earthly desires and outcomes, we risk missing the eternal perspective that God calls us to embrace.

Consider the motivation behind your New Years Resolutions. Are they centered on self-gratification, or do they align with God's calling for your life? By intentionally directing our efforts toward His purposes, we can find fulfillment that extends beyond the transient satisfaction of earthly achievements.

Aligning Resolutions with God's Call

As law enforcement officers and as chaplains, our calling is unique and significant. God has placed us in these roles for a purpose—to be instruments of His justice, mercy, and love in a broken world. Therefore, let our resolutions reflect a commitment to align our priorities with His ways.

Consider incorporating devotions and Bible studies into your daily routine to deepen your understanding of God's Word. Amazon offers a variety of resources to aid in spiritual growth, such as devotional books and study guides. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Author: Adam Davis

  • A practical devtion tailored to the challenges and demands of law enforcement life. Filled with personal stories, relevant Scriptures, and practical prayers, the short devotions focus on themes such as peace, integrity, strength, family, protection, divine direction, preparedness, service, and more.

  • Author: Josh Laxton

  • Strengthen your connection with God and bring His Word into your life with this devotional that offers  in-depth lessons and practical applications tailored to men's lives, so that you can cultivate a richer connection with God and His teachings over the course of a year.

  • Author: Dwight L. Moody

  • When you wish to know something about godly living, where do you look? Is there a better place to look than to the men of the Bible? The Lord, in all His wisdom, left us with a wonderful textbook, an instruction manual – the Bible

By intentionally immersing ourselves in God's Word, we can cultivate a heart that seeks His will in all aspects of life, including our resolutions.

Other Books You Might Also Want to Read

In the journey of aligning our intentions with God's purpose, there are additional resources that can provide valuable insights into living out daily life as men the way God intended. These books delve deeper into the Scriptures, offering guidance and practical wisdom for navigating the challenges and joys of life. Here are some recommendations that may further enrich your spiritual journey:

These books serve as companions on the journey of intentional living, encouraging us to embrace the Scriptures as a guide for every aspect of our lives. By incorporating these resources into your reading list, you'll find valuable perspectives and practical applications to help you live as men shaped by God's Word.

Eternal Rewards of Intentionality

As we embark on this new year, let's shift our focus from fleeting achievements to intentional living in accordance with God's plan. The rewards of aligning our intentions with His purposes are not only for this life but extend into eternity.

May this year be marked by a commitment to intentional living, where our resolutions are grounded in God's Word, and our actions reflect His love and purpose. Together, let us strive for resolutions that yield not only earthly benefits but also eternal rewards.

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