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Strengthening Community Bonds: Insights from PLECET 2024

Chaplains and Heroes Founder Christi Hall Speaks at PLECET

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the recent Professional Law Enforcement Engagement Training (PLECET) brought together voices from law enforcement, faith-based organizations, and community leaders to explore avenues of collaboration and understanding. Among the distinguished speakers was our Chaplains and Heroes founder Chaplain Christi Hall, honored to contribute to the panel discussion titled "Pulpit to Precinct: Faith-based Organizations and Leadership Usher Genuine Connections and Communication with Diverse Segments of Every Community."

This session was not merely a dialogue; it was a catalyst for actionable steps and partnerships that are reshaping communities nationwide. Let's delve into the insights shared by the esteemed speakers:

PLECET Session "from Pulpit to Precinct" SpeakersChaplains adn Heroes Founder speaks at PLECET

Rev. Eddie Parker III (Ohio State Attorney General's Office BLUE Task Force): Reverend Parker's presentation highlighted Ohio's pioneering efforts in engaging faith-based leaders to reshape law enforcement training. By soliciting input from diverse communities and their faith leaders, Ohio is fostering a deeper understanding of cultures and traditions, empowering officers to serve with empathy and respect. These insights are being incorporated into the OPATA-Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy curriculum, ensuring that officers are better equipped to navigate the complexities of their diverse communities

Speaker Tony Paetznick (New Brighton Police Department): Speaker Tony underscored the importance of Police-Faith Community Partnerships, aligning with the President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing. He shared personal stories that highlighted benifits to both the community and agency personel. Through focusing on pillars of trust, community engagement, and officer wellness, partnerships are emerging as powerful agents of positive change.

Chaplain Jim Bontrager (Elkhart Police Dept & ICPC President): Chaplain Bontrager's uplifting presentation resonated with the core values of service and compassion. Drawing from the shared principles of various religions, including the universal mandate of loving thy neighbor and doing no harm, Chaplain Bontrager emphasized the profound connection between law enforcement and the community. He underscored the importance of consistent presence and investment of time in nurturing trust, highlighting the mutual commitment required to build strong, enduring relationships between officers and the communities they serve.

Chaplains and Heroes Founder, Chaplain Christi Hall prepares to speak to over 600 Law Enforcement Personel at PLECET

Chaplain Christi Hall (Chaplains and Heroes Founder): Our founder, Chaplain Christi Hall, emphasized the critical role of building relationships through genuine care and presence during her presentation. She shared personal interactions she's had with law enforcement, highlighting how the actions of care and respect by local churches have facilitated meaningful connections. One inspiring example Chaplain Christi shared is the partnership between Covenant Church in Columbus, Ohio, and local law enforcement. Through initiatives like packing 650 bags of encouragement, providing food, and supplying children's crafts at Law Enforcement events, the church community has forged meaningful connections, fostered empathy, and supported officers' well-being.

Chaplain Christi recounted these interactions, showcasing how the care and respect shown by her church helped break down barriers and initiate meaningful conversations. These conversations not only opened doors for discussions on emotional and spiritual well-being but also underscored the value of the service law enforcement provides to our community.

Moreover, Chaplain Hall offered practical suggestions that all churches can implement, such as including prayers for their local law enforcement agencies and providing ministries like financial peace or marriage counseling with an understanding of law enforcement's unique challenges. She emphasized that these efforts not only benefit law enforcement officers but also contribute to building a safer and more compassionate community.

By emphasizing the transformative power of compassion in bridging divides and fostering trust, Chaplain Hall underscored the ripple effect that occurs when the law enforcement community is supported by local churches. This support not only strengthens the bond between law enforcement and the community but also contributes to a more cohesive and understanding society.

Chaplains and Heroes, togther we can change the world

Chaplains and Heroes isn't just a bystander in this journey; we are a catalyst for change and a beacon of support for both law enforcement and communities. Our website serves as a vital law enforcement resource hub, offering emotional and spiritual support through listings of retreats, conferences, books, hotlines, and podcasts.

Building relationships isn't just a task; it's a privilege and an honor. Every gesture of support, whether it's showing up with cookies, sending texts of encouragement, or simply lending a listening ear, is a testament to our commitment to those who serve.

As Chaplains and Law Enforcement Heroes, we invite you to join us in this journey of empowerment and support. Together, let's continue to bridge divides, foster understanding, and build stronger, safer communities for all.



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